Speaking Programs

  • img1General MotivationDr. Tiffany is transforming lives, one person at a time. She is a forceful speaker who has been blessed to share her influential vision of creating the life you want through faith, personal development and academic excellence with audiences nationwide. She is turning heads and people are taking notice through her inspirational message of creating the life you want from the inside out.
  • img2Mental HealthDr. Tiffany is a trained licensed therapist with years of training in the counseling profession and as a tenured associate professor. She has an uncanny, stimulating gift to empower and inspire her clients to move from where they are in life to creating the life they want. She delivers a unique perspective that captivates audiences and inspires their greatest potential.
  • img3Non-ProfitDr. Tiffany is for anyone who wants to create the best life they can have. She is for anyone who needs to know how to make a way out of no way. Her mission is to inspire and empower people to uncover, accept and live to their full potential to create the life they want. She does this by challenging negative self-views and an average belief system and replaces them with the positive concepts of L.E.A.P.
  • img4Student ProgramDr. Tiffany seeks to empower and transform the lives of young adults by helping them realize they can create the life they want. Her mission is to educate from her years of experience as a tenured professor and counselor, inspire through her personal story and empower through her L.E.A.P. message.

Meet Dr. Tiffany

  • If you ask me, I can do anything and everything I want to do! And then I make it happen. I believe the same is true for everyone.
  • Beginnings

  • I am a native of New Orleans, LA, where I was the youngest of six children raised by a single mother.
    Although I knew my father, he was absent for most of my life.
  • My family was poor, but I did not know it until later in life because everyone in our neighborhood seemed to have the same status and we always had what we needed.
  • I did not go to the best of schools growing up. We attended the closet neighborhood schools until high school, when I attended one a little further away from home only because I liked the people who went there.
  • Because I did not have anyone to be accountable to for my grades, I was an average student in school. This made me not try. As a result, I did not believe I was very smart and was just happy to get through each year.


  • I did not think I was smart enough to get through college. You see, four out of my five siblings started college, but none of them finished. I was sure I was destined for the same path.
  • After high school, I really had no plan. After just hanging out and partying for a year and a half after high school with no direction, I decided to enroll in a local college, though I had no intention of completing a degree.
  • I only wanted to have what sounded like a good response when someone asked the question I dreaded the most: “So what are doing with yourself now since you graduated (high school)?”
  • When I first got to college, I did not even know how to study and I was still not taking school very seriously. Finally I met a professor who told me that I could not only graduate with an undergraduate degree, but that I was smart enough to get a Ph.D. just like her.
  • As a result, I became the first person in my family to graduate from college. During my final year of college I got married and gave birth to my daughter the semester after graduating.
  • After I had my daughter, my marriage was failing and I decided to move from New Orleans to Mankato, Minnesota to pursue a master’s degree. My daughter was only two months old.
  • By the time I completed my master’s degree, I had moved back to New Orleans, was divorced and was a single parent.
  • Eventually I went on to pursue my Ph.D. in Akron, Ohio. My daughter was five years old at the time. It was just the two of us, with no family or any support for thousands of miles away. We lived in Ohio for four years.
  • Upon completion of my Ph.D., I obtained my first tenured track academic appointment and became a licensed counselor. It was soon after obtaining that position that I knew I needed to do something to help others. It was no longer about me. Instead, I wanted to help others get out of dead-end neighborhoods and jobs too.
  • After obtaining tenure and being promoted to Associate Professor, I decided it was time to find my true purpose in life. I realized that my true purpose was in personal development – helping others figure out their true purpose and create the life they wanted.
  • In 2016, I started my mission to create a real impact not only in my life, but most importantly, the lives of others by doing what I love. By using my teaching, research, and counseling experience, I am now working in my purpose to help everyone create the life they want.

10 Interesting Facts About Me

  1. I love to cook for people I care about and love. As a native New Orleans girl, you pretty much have to know how to cook… but I consider myself to be a master in creole cuisine.
  2. I was a vegan for one year. That was a pretty smelly year! I am now about 90% vegetarian. Not that I don’t miss a good steak and burger, but for health reasons I choose not to.
  3. I love to dance. Although I am not a trained dancer, whenever the music hits me, I feel the need to move.
  4. I was not a very good student in secondary or high school. Education did not become paramount to me until college.
  5. I am a believer and a highly spiritual person, but I love everyone.
  6. I started meditating in 2008. It changed my life for the better. I absolutely love what meditation does for me.
  7. I don’t watch many movies or TV. When I do watch movies I love to watch the same ones over and over. My favorites are Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Boomerang, and Something’s Gotta Give.
  8. I love to travel. To date, my favorite destinations are Italy and France.
  9. According to the Myers Briggs personality test, I am both an introvert and extrovert. If I had my choice, on most days I would prefer to be at home alone or spending a day at the spa by myself. However, I also do well being in large groups of people.
  10. While I am very focused on working in my purpose, I love to have a good time being around those closest to me.