A common complaint I often hear from people is they do not make enough money and don’t feel like they can make more for various reasons…

Some of which include:

I have small kids and can’t leave them.

I live in a small town and opportunities are limited.

Oh… and the most common… I don’t have time!

None of which are reasons at all, just excuses.

The reality is none of these are true.

As well as probably none of the other excuses you tell yourself.

After hearing this so many times and realizing I have been creating multiple streams of income for myself for over 20 years (mostly unintentionally), I thought I’d offer some tips.

I first began creating extra income for myself when I decided to purchase my first home at the age of 23.

My first home was a duplex where I lived on one side and rented the other (extra income to help me pay my mortgage), which means I became a landlord at 23 years old!

This was unintentional because I knew nothing about real estate, but had someone that saw something in me in that business who took me under his wing and showed me the way.

This led to me purchasing several other properties over the next few years.

Since that time I have moved away from real estate, yet continued finding ways to make extra money to supplement my income.

As a single parent doctoral student, I had to get pretty creative.

There are numerous million and billionaires who do not believe in having only one way to make a living or your fortune.

And I agree.

Whether you just want to make extra money on the side or have hopes of one day being your own boss, these tips may be helpful.

Get creative. Think outside the box. Are there things you do well or have experience in?

You do not always have to be an expert in the area. Just a few steps ahead of the person you are helping.

Some examples of how you could begin creating extra income fairly quickly include:

• Teacher/tutor-
With so many options available now, both inside and outside the home, this is fairly obtainable. If you have at least an undergraduate degree, there are sites like where you can earn extra money by teaching part-time from the comfort of your home. With a master’s degree, you can find numerous universities, some local, some totally online, like University of Phoenix, Capella, and Walden University, which are often looking for adjuncts to teach classes. If you have no college degree, I’ll bet you still know a little more than most elementary, middle school and high school students. You could make flyers and bring to the schools in your area to offer tutoring services. Although it may be a good idea to at least be in the process of pursuing a college degree while doing this.

• Personal trainer-
While it may be good to be certified in this area, it is not necessary. I once worked with a personal trainer and I never asked for any certifications. All that was important to me was could she get me the results I wanted? And she did! In fact, her personal training business grew solely by word of mouth due to the results her clients received. If you have experience in health, weight loss/training and some in nutrition (could be just from your own results), teach others what you did and charge a nominal fee. Talk to your friends, go to your local gym, look like you know what you are doing, talk to people and offer to train them.

• Consultant-
Do you have experience in a certain area that people often need help with? Have you had some success in this area? If so, you are a consultant! Or rather you are considered an expert in that area and able to offer advice (paid). Most times there are no certifications needed to be a consultant, just knowledge and a proven track record in that line of work. Do you have experience writing and getting grants accepted? You’re a consultant. Do you have mostly successful experience in real estate? You’re a consultant. Do you have experience and a proven track record of getting trails accepted in clinical research? You’re a consultant! I could go on and on… but I hope I conveyed the message.

• Photographer-
Have a camera and interest in photography? Offer to take family, school, team sports, holiday, headshot, etc photos whenever possible. Upload the photos to a disk, provide a written release for pictures to be printed and charge a fee.

• Cook/baker/cater-
Do you like to cook or bake? Does it taste good (very important)? I enjoy cooking and baking. Once I took orders for meals that I made in my own kitchen and sold them to my colleagues and where my relatives worked. It went so well that I sold out of plates and had requests for more. Put a menu together of your best dishes and let your colleagues, classmates, church members and everyone you can think of know you are open for business.

Those are just a few ways that almost anyone can use to create multiple streams of income.

The possibilities are endless!

If you seriously want to create additional streams of income for yourself, put your thinking caps on and don’t be afraid to get creative.

Have more you’d like to add to the list? Leave a comment.

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Feeling Stuck Financially? How To Create Multiple Steams of Income

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